Online casino slots real money: a full guide on how to win

With expanding of Internet industry, online casinos become more and more popular. Software providers do everything they can to satisfy their customer. In each online casino, there are hundreds of slot machines with a different theme, bonuses and pay lines.

Playing online casino slots for real money gives a big chance of winning: from combinations to jackpots. The user usually can bet minimum 1 cent per line in the slot. But minimum bet maybe is not the best option, because if the player puts more money at stake, they win more per one spin too.

Online casino slots real money: tips and tricks

There are no particular rules in slot games. Usually, the player chooses the amount of money they want to bet, spin the reels and wait for winning combination. Although, there are some tips on how to choose the best real casino slots online real money.

First, the player should not be mistaken by appearance. Promising of a big win and jackpot do not necessarily mean that user will get them for sure. Player has to look at the first spins: how many combinations it gives, what is a minimum win and how many pay lines slot actually gives. It is not recommended to play casino slots online for real money when:

  • Minimum winning is less than the amount of bet.
  • No win for a number of consecutive spins.
  • The slot has no bonuses and features.
  • Online casino slots offer to win real money.
  • The classic slots with 3 reels usually have highest payouts: minimum win is always bigger than the amount of bet. But most of these slots don’t have any bonus, so the amount of winning depends only on combinations and money at stake.

Bonus slots are the most popular slots in online casino slots real money. The feature can be anything: free bonus spins, multiplier wheel, special games. Usually, the bonus is granted when 3 or more special symbols appeared on the screen. From one bonus, a player can get a really big win, but put a bet only once.

But sometimes, when a user is playing casino slots online for real money, they can get absolutely nothing. It can be explained by the popularity of a particular slot: if a lot of people play at the same time, one can win a lot and the other can just lose all the money. Some of the slots need to be played with a big amount of bet in order to get a bonus feature or jackpot.

The best machines in online casino slots real money

Nowadays there are so many online casinos and even more slot machines. Sometimes it is hard to choose which one to play because all of them look very promising. But still, there are some really good slot machines which can be found in many casinos and that are very popular among players.

  • Slot machines with expanding wilds and stacked symbols are simply the best. Playing such a slot, one can have a lot of opportunities to win. And if it is mega ways slot, it is possible to get even more winning combinations. One of the best machines with expanding wilds is Pharaon Gold.
  • Slots with re-spinning wilds such as Divine Fortune become more and more popular. One can win a lot per spin if each time wild symbol re-spins and gives winning combination.
  • Free spin bonus slot machines are also good. Usually, 3 or more special symbols can reveal a free spin bonus. There are a lot of different additional bonuses such as a multiplier, wilds and spinning wheel. There are a lot of machines in the online casino which can give you free spins: Book of the dead and Gladiator are the best of them.
  • Another type of slot machine is game with scatters. When 3 symbols appear, the user can win a fixed amount of money depending on the stake. Playing casino slots online for real money user can get just a win or big jackpot. The best jackpot machine in the US is Pinatas.

In some online casinos slots, real money player can get a deposit bonus. Depending on its amount, it can give user from 5 to 50 free spins.

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